2D graphics

Night Striptease 2

Sexy strippers Salma dances in a strip club, and to get some extra cash you can get a exceptional support. The simple fact is that the bar includes a distinctive BDSM play area, in which there's a unique combo chair with various sex-devices. Now for your money you can do with this whore anything you want, so fuck her as hard as possible! Salma's hands and feet are tied while she's at the BDSM-chair, so you can select any of the particular sex-devices to try themon her at the base of the screen. Attempt on the woman all devices of the machine,fuck her hard with yourown cock! When you move, some choices will open. Try all of them,and in the end you'll have the chance to do everything at once! Nice audio, 2D animation and rich sound accompaniment will make the game more enjoyable for you!

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