Realm of Sex

In this interactive gameyou are going to learn the story of princes and princesses live in a magical kingdom. Thus, Prince Rick. And his lovely and busty wife, Princess Rosa. On one of the days, they go to another realm on a trip. Their journey is extremely lengthy and the princess rose is a little tired. She wants to ease off. They stop at a forest glade. And Prince Rick begins to munch the pink fuckbox of the princess of the rose. A few days afterward they arrive at the royal castle. While the count is currently talking with Princess Rosa, Rick is offered a stroll round the castle by the countess. They come in the countess's room. The Countess undoubtedly wants to fuck Rick.... And Rick agrees. They start to havesex. Prince Rick fucks the countess in her taut bum... That's fine. It's time to start the game.

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