Witch Hunter

In this game you will be playing as non besides Witch hunter! On the borders of a elven kingdom witches have been all appearing again. They come from other worlds but their goal is reciprocal - to ruin the realm! So now it is time for Arwen (primary hero of this game) to get back to his job - that will have to locate them and deliver them back to the fuck crevices they has crawled from. Additionally he will get some assistance from indigenous witch who will offer him a key weapon... well, sort of weapon. She will charm Arwen's semen when it touches witches skin it will allow her to disappear out of this planet! Fpr you as a player it will means that every time you will meet hot witch in this sport you will be enjoying a sexy minigame - just fuck all of the witches and also free elven kingdom from their wicked spells!

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