fast and furious

Meet’N’Fuck: Street Racing

This game may take to teh entire world of illegal street racing and also if you loved seeing such films as"The Fast and the Furious" then you know which you are going to like it. Besdies you will meet couple jokes for those who is in subject but this game is all about two things - quick vans and sexy women... and the two of them you can ride! After a brief introduction you're likely to participate in a hurry. And do not expect this race to end in a click like in certain visual book game - if you have plans on banging one of these bombshell syou is going to need to win the race to get real! Well, in arcade mode but you'll find the manage over your camper and will need to not only concentrate on maintaining high speed but also evade all of the barriers or you will not even see either the end line or sexy booties!

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