Fappy Dick

When you've played the game called"Flappy Bird" before you then alredayy know what you are going to have to do here to win. But because this is a manga porn parody with this game now you will be in manage of not even some flying bird but flapping dick! Gameplaye is fairly plain after youw ill get used to manages - use space bar button to earn the flap at the ideal time so that the dick would bypass all of the oobstacles on its own way. The major aim is to get 1000 points that will give you an acces to the in-game gallery of amazing manga porn images. To help keep you interested some images you'll likewise be able to observe if you happened to hit the obstacle and lose the game but ofcourse if you want to observe the best picture so fteh gallery youw ill need to attempt stiffer in attempt of getting the necessary amount of points.

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