Glenn Quagmire

Lois and Donna in trouble

This game will tell you the story about the Griffins household that you will never find on your TV display. Since this is a story about cheating. And the cheatre will be Lois. And cheating she will be not with some sexy form commercials but using Donna - wifey of their nighbor Cleveland! But the real idea of this hentai parody game will be exposed once Peter will abruptly return home sooner than he must be... and finds out his entrance door closed while he's no keys! So he calls Quagmire to get some help and if they figure out how to open the door they'll see... well, lets just say that the adulterous will be discovered! And this is not the story but the remainder part of its end you will have to find out yourself by enjoying the game. Have a fantastic time!

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