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Spot Book 3

Another very simple puzzle game. Only look at two images side by side to find what's different between these two. That can be almost impossible.

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Spring Desires

Spring comes, which means everybody wants a bit of romance and plenty of sex! You want to try out something special to your partner that this spring and observe ittogether, but you really don't understand what kind of present would be the very best? Here's a little test to you, which will help you to comprehend the best way for you to fulfill with the spring, and what type of surprise to arrange for your partner. You must honestly answer 12 easy questions picking the most suitable one from the proposed answers. In the conclusion you'll be shown your results based on your preferences. Sothat you don't get bored, the test is accompanied by fine music, as well as beautiful anime art with hot cute girls! And after passing through whole test, as a gift, you will receive the little bonus! Don't delay begin the test!

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