Haruhi Satisfaction

Haruhi has growned up and now she hunts for another kind of satisfaction in her life - the sexual one. So could you be so kind and provide her with some right here and now? First of all you should not hope any sophisticated story from that game - straight from the start you'll get Haruhi already bare-breasted and showing you her super-cute milky underpants. And she will remve them only if you will come across the best way to make them moist enough by founding and interacting with various active zones and points all around Haruhi's body. Grab her boobs, pinch her nipples, set your arms on her sexy legs and ofcourse lick her into each spot possible - the more her sexual pleasure will soon be hardening the more kinky thinsg she will allow you to do with her! The aim of the game would be obvious - to create Haruhi to cum.

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