Tina Armstrong

Huge boobed whore Tina

Tina Armstrong is well known character from"Dead or alive" roster. And if for the fans of this fighting videogame series she is is know for her unique grappling style for everyone else she is know as simply hot blonde with good-sized tits! So if thsi is enough for you can already begin liking this well animated anime porn parody starring giant whore. The game has it's very own story tho'. It embarks at the amusement park where our big titty doll meets her previous counterpart. What type of deals that they had in the past we don't understand but we know what will happen - those two are going to have plenty of crazy fucking! Yet first-ever they will need to find a place for that which is not an effortless task in such place that is crowded. However, have no worries - nothing can stop Tina Armstrong kind getting her huge prize!

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