various endings

Claire: the Exchange Student

Claire could be a horny nymph who's currently in her student years. Overcoming all the probable issues of these years are the principal aim during this game. Obviously, the simple unquestionable actuality that Claire makes her own accommodation makes things somewhat lighter... and becomes a rationale for a far bigger challenge. And the fattest of these may in all probability be Claire, a much off student from overseas who live within her place nowadays. Claire gets an perfect body also as a grimy mind, thus pretty presently her journey could roll Claire's usual way the other way up. However, WHO is aware of - perhaps it had been this Claire which has been missing this time? Through the game, you will not solely love the tight story and superb fucking scenes generated from 3D images, but conjointly do numerous decisions which may cause you to several diverse endings. Obviously, you're attempt to unlock all of them.

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