Summoners Quest – Chapter 5

Sex story persists. Since there's just sex scenes, this game is more about fantasy and studying. Compete against a muscular woman in arm-wrestling and then fuck her.

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Naked God 3: Forest Foreplay

Another dream game concerning quickie. In this experience you may see busty female warrior going against large and ugly barbarian in the middle of dark forest (where nobody will hear their screams... likely). But rather than fearsome combat you may see... sexy blowjob scene! Your task is to complete this blowjob before the period will run out. To accomplish this you will have to change between different blowjob modes to produce the pleasure pub to fill up quicker. Ensure this slut to lick brave warrior's dick or to stroke . You also cannot just to select between blowjob and deepthroat action but also set the intensity level - from slow to ultrafast! After the pleasure bar is going to be filled you will get acces into cumshot button and relish closing animation!

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