EVA7- Rebirth

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Regardless of the fairly intriguing name and general”Evangelione”arcade themed atmoshpere (such as a duo of main characters from it) this game isn’t what you could expect it to be actually this is a striptease blackjack! On the other side if you always desired to face this red-haired cutie in taut suit Asuka and to unwrap her down by playing card game then this is going to be the hentai parody game of your cravings. The one thing that’s different form other similar games is that here you will also have a limited number of clothes so if you will happen to loose them all sooner than your enemy then the game will be over. By the way the gameplay practice you are going to get is going to be quite quick and at the same time challenging in case if you are not big worshipper of blackjack.

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