Katarina: The General’s Daughter

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This is a 3D computer game which tells the tale of Katharina who is a daughter of a general. this can be however Katarina was captured by the enemy. an area major has brought Katarina to a dark place. He’s in need of information, however Katarina is still silent. We’re trying to find the simplest way for her to loosen her tongue. To achieve this, the most important decides to use sexually explicit methods. He enquires about witch doctors and demands that they rip Katarina’s garments off. The swell begins to fuck the fully-bosomed Katarina in her cunt and spherical sexy ass. The pain is intense the girl, and Katarina begins screaming. Katarina is screaming as the swelling continues to fuck Katarina. Absolutely, Katarina is currently able to answer all questions. It is possible to use the mouse to interact with interactive elements. Let’s begin the game like an actual shot.

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