KO Boxing

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Are you prepared to get in the ring one on among KO? And don’t allow the simple fact that she is sexy looking furry friend to dork you – besides her palms she also will utilize her tails as well since KO is a kangaroo! Game is made from first-ever person perspective and it is more close to testing than a standard fighting game. Your job would be to block KO’s cries (such as the oen he created with ehr tail). The one whose endurance will attain zero level first is known as that the looser while the other is clearly the winner. And here could be two outcomes – in case KO wins thne you will have to begin all over again. But if you will win you may get your opportunity on one more training sesh using KO but this time it is going to be way more private and scarcely close to any boxing principles in any respect!

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