Math strip 2

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This story happened at a local town college. A young student can’t become a science take a peek at. Miss Rosie’s magnificent educator invitations you to assist the gallant copulate. She will raise you questions and you’re going to need to be compelled to resolve them. Scrutinize Miss Rosie. She is pretty damn appealing and alluring. She’s beautiful enormous tits and a sweet smile. The fire of zeal and riot burns in her eyes. She’s extremely enthusiastic on very little boys. Thus scrutinize the sport screen. You see Miss Rosie. When one or 2 of seconds, science questions can seem on the screen. You want to solve them and supplies the decent answer. As an example, 47 * 2-1 =? . Use the keyboard to come in your reaction. If the remedy is right, then Miss Rosie can undress. Your assignment in this game would be to analyze her totally nude. Following that, you will observe a bonus flick. Do it now.

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