The Fate of Irnia 0.41(Updated)

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Irnia’s nation is a great place on earth. It is the birthplace of paladins, wizards and farmers. In this country there are many rich farms and deep dungeons where treasures are hidden. So that the main character wakes up on the farm along with his mother. Now he’s legitimate years old and he has become an adult. Definitely now he will be able to get acquainted with the ladies that could fuck. Before leaving the road, the mom gives her son a casket. In it’s a unusual sphere which emits light. So you need to assist the dude to understand what the world is for and what its role is in the near future of the country. You first will need to visit a local tavern to speak to the bartender. The female will provide you a couple hints… Find out the rest you need to begin playingwith.

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