Strip high dice

Dice game as it is with one important differenc e- here every tiem you’ll win teh trader in teh game of dice that you won’t just inceras ethe sum of money in your bank but also you will decerase teh number of clothes on this dealer! Ofcourse the dealer in this game is one hot looking red-haired with a pair of truly big tits which clearly seem to be too taut in her hooter-sling and they can’t wait for your luck to free them. The ruels are simple – you make a bet and throw a duo of dices and the one who will get the bigger amount on them will be wining the round and gets the prize. Each time you will win the around the dealer will take each time one of her clothing elements off you will liberate she will put one of them back so you have to be very lucky to disrobe her down fully. Play now »