Yoko Littner gattai oral forced

First of all this is no game in it’s customary meaning but a hentai parody that will end up with an animated loop. But if you understand what”Gattai!” Means and should you’ve followed the experiences of Yoko, Kamina and Simon they have been through during”Gurren Laggan” arcade show then you undoubtedly going to like it! The concept is elementary – something really big is about to occur which means that our heroes will need to collect their obliges once again. And as alway there’s no finer choice for the task than plucky and hot red-haired Yoko Littner who got used to deal with all kinds of big guns (if you understnd what this means). The introduction part of this story is pretty brief while the hentai part is looped animation which you can love it for as lengthy as you want. Play now »