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New fighting game where you control some strange appearing antropomorphic made of clay creature only now you will be fighting from the metal cage and your enemy will be non other than famous Kasumi - ninja princess from figthing videogame series"Dead or Alive" and who's known not only for her fighting abilities although her tasty kinks too. The fighting system is also type everything you migth remeber in the component one - this time you'll be able to choose strikes that are unique form the listing in the bottom part of game screen and to apply them somewhere on Kasumi's figure. If some attacks are not reaching the objective attempt to choose and use another one because if you will win in a fight you will get your manga porn themed prizes from Kasumi!
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Seven episodes are over however it appears Katy has a hard time getting her life back to normal. While Barndie her new roomie has a lot of fun at every night club she goes to, Katy remains unhappy and alone. The next chapter is supposed to be the last one in the animated mini-series. But don't worry - it seems Brandy has a certain surpise for her... but if you are expecting us to reveal itright here and now you may not know what the word means by "surprise". Also, you will have to watch this for yourself if want to know how Katie's diary will conclude (and don't forget to check every episode on our website if you have not seen them in the past)!
It should be evident from the title of this game it is going to tell a story of the protagonistwhose name is Max andwho happens to be an Elf. Vick, a friend, and Max are able to come up with the idea of snooping into an old library to improve their skills. However, this is going to transform into a terrifying nightmare. And the most troubelsome incidents will occur following Max becomes enthralled by a demonsuccubus that is on the run! There will be plenty of action and sex whenever demonic succubus are around! Will you be able to get through the first to get to the next? The only way to determine the answer is to answer the question and then play the game.
Although being a productive worker might seem to be something only applicable in the case of perfect conditions, once the financial crisis comes in full forceeven good workers aren't immune to being dismissed. That's exactly what happened to the main character in this storyand as whom you are going to play starting from today. So as we already said you were fired, don't even think of taking your time bathing in self-pitiness because clearly it is the time to look for an opportunity to get a new job! This is the opening for an engineer position at the largest insurance company... and who cares that you are not qualified enough - just go there and use this opportunity to receive every advantage you can from the shady bosses lady in thejob interview!
The events of this obviously parody game are going to occur after several years of Ash and Misty together with their pokemons were battling on a lot of tournaments and all of that stuff. Now they has growned up along with their lives got way more bland since then... well, at least Ash who has totally lost all of his buddies while he was chasing pokemons all those years. Are there any chance to have some of them enjoy Misty back? Hmm, looks like the fate itself is playing his side today since there is a soiree planned at Misty's mansion tomorrow and he's invited! What's going to happen there? Will Ash get exactly what he desires so much? Or will everything get worse? Well, Ash will never know until he'll try... and you're welcomed to join in this adult journey!
Just local standard school. A normal school toilet. And it is a beautiful and alluring Japanese schoolgirl. What do you think would happen to her? The response is a Bukkake - a form of group fuck-fest, in which, at the most frequent case, a group of men reluctantly (or together) masturbating, ejaculate on a single lady, mostly on her head. That's in this flash game that you introduce yourself to pour tons of mancum this hot nymph. To begin with, examine the top right corner of the screen. There is control. Use your mouse and select the scene from the game. And just love how that this young Japanese student is poured with a lot of masculine sperm. It's lewd, is not it?
Finally you you have the job of your fantasies you will be delivering pizza all around the campus area! Well, obviously the wish part wasn't about bringing pizza however the numerous opportunities this job will provide you with at meeting lots and a lot of hot dolls. Simply begin your journey and you'll understand that thare are a whole lot of different things that all those beauties will probably be asking you to assist them if you are going to can finish their intimate quest they'll be very grateful with the tips for this a stellar man... But do not forget that the biz is very first and while a few of quests are going to be about finding certain items the other tasks may be about puzzle solving or anything like that - in other words there will be a good deal of minigames and romp scenes beforehand!
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