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Winner of the first official"Direct a Sex Kitten Game" contest. Congrats to OJJ for his award-winning entry! -- Soa purrfectly normal shopping tour to get a bread, butterand a few milk to bake a pie. What could possibly go wrong, right? Famous last words. Unfortunately, whatever can go wrong, does go wrong. You are forced to create a weird detour... into HELL! (Like that space marine boy from Doom). Can our idiot hero (YOU!) Get through this sudden, unexpected twist of events?! Secret hint: Many places have key stuff. File size: 5.80Mb Because NG does not show that anymore for some reason.
That can be a Valentine's day in this game so that you don't have to really for february 14th to spread some love. Here you will choose the part of Cupid - lovely angel armed with bow and arrows that hit without misses and each person (regardless is it individual or not) who gets shot with it longing the love and eager to give it into the others immediately! Luckily enough there'll be always a set for those goals that you will meet in your way but you still should be all set for some unexpectd outcomes because love is quite unpredictible matter by itself even if you forget that you are playing plain sensual themed game manufactured entirley and just for fun. Just budge through the level left or right and shoot your love arrows.
In this game you will find the opprtunity to spend this weekend together with the Bradley family. And do not worry - it won;t even be a stupid story about family reunion because this game is from"Lesson of Fire" series that imply sthat the main point of the menu you will most likely get in the bedroom... However, lets meet with our main characters very first. So you will be playing as Danny who was working hard and productive that is quiet latley so no wonde rthat his boss - Mr Bradley - has not only noticed the guy but also invited him to spend the weekend at his big and fancy mansion! And do not worry - besides you two there'll be other guests like Brooke (Mr Bradley's assistant) and Melissa (Mr Bradley's wifey). Hence the question that you will need to consider while having the supper is just one - which one of teh sweethearts you want to fuck first-ever?
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