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After decades in exile the Darklord comebacks to Vorgor and begins gathering a military. But before you can attack your enemies in the peaceful grounds of Erolandia, you need to gain more magical power and the most potent source of magic energy would be.... Orgy. With assistance sort the Ring of Erotic Power, rampage across the land enslaving its own women and turning them to your faithful cock-hungry nymphomaniacs! Noticethe game moves automatically. Additionally, you could skip the training of the first dame (if you've already completed that area - and proceed straight to the second part of the game by clicking the CHEAT button at the top right corner of the Main Castle area. Update on 12/30/2016 Ver: 1.2.1 Here is the change-log: Main upgrades: - Added next element of the narrative (continuing on from finishing the Princess' instruction ) in which you receive the Elfstone from the princess. - Additional'summoning Warg' scene together with Silaira in Muraz. - Additional Warg H-scene and one more selectable elf gimp added to Summoning space - Added battle for Capital Minor updates: - Additional dialogue (asking for meals) to both slaves when hunger falls under 30. - Added a cheat alternative to completely educate 1st female and/or 2nd nymph. - Added a thunder clap sound effect to summoning scenes - Added a sound effect to the stat increase notifications - Various corrections of grammatical and punctuation mistakes If like, please support me Patreon https://www.patreon.com/pinktea If you are experiencing problems where the game geysers but buttons won't work, attempt this: -Click on the game and proceed to international settings. -About the'Storage' tab, be sure'allow sites to save information on this computer' is chosen. -Restart the game.
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