Meet and fuck street racing

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Street racing is an activity for youthful, brave and bold! Just like as sex is. So no wonder the next theme for"Meet and fuck" collection has become quick cars and hot chicks. You will be playing as Din Viesel (got it?) . He has indeed awesome car that attracts all the attention from gals around. Including the gals who don't mind to step on the throttle pedal also! But what they can prsent to you as a bet for race you don't have? Their warm and wet vags ofcourse! But before you will park your hot rod in thir garage you will still have to win the race first! And the race process won't be easy - you will actually control the car driving on the road on a pretty good pace. Try to avid too a lot of damage because it not will justslow you down but can becaome the rationale behind totally loosing the race. And loosers won't get any vags in a world of street racing!