Natsu fucks Mirajane and Lucy

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So let’s have a little fun with trampy mature masculine Natsu is one lucky bastard today-he becomes not one, yet 2 sexy chicks to fuck. Among them-whorey blond Lucy Hartfilia, and therefore the other-shy-no-more Mirajan Strauss! 1st Lucy, dressed as a lusty maid, gives Natsu a tough time together with her udders, so presently within the next scene he will fuck the bigger-breasted Mirajan in her cunt! Ever-changing scenes have been popular sexy colleagues. And Lucy fucks Natsu once again, just this stage she’s railing him sits on the ground in a not really comfortable place… Well, he’ll must wait if he needs Lucy to attract him to coming and even let him comedy on her face! Press the arrows around the screen to travel in a single animated scene to following and be romantic immediately.

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