Sigma versus Omega 6th Round

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If you happened to witness over this epic and very arousing struggle inbetween Sigma and Omega (sexy blond chick and kinda hot punk chick) then you will definitly not want to miss this sequence – not just it is new (already 6th) sequence but it additionally a conclusion fo rthe entire series! In other words – it’s the right time to learn who will win. This vignette will take place at the art class. And yes, you guessed right – today will be teh lesson of drawing a female bod from nature. Along with the version isn’t going to be any one else than our favourite blondie! But if you happen to be aficionado of punk chick then don’t worry – she is here among the art students someplace and without a doubt is getting ready for some new act against her nemesis. And what act this will be and that will find the win you will find out if you will see this jokey and sexy animation yourself!

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