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Adal, son of Battle each other Winghal Atreides, was born upon the earth Albion. After the death of his father, Adal was the sole successor of the Residence of Atreides, and was entrusted with the duty of safeguarding Albion from the Emperor Ramarg. The Emperor was determined to gain control over Albion and had been gathering an impressive army to do so. Adal was confronted with a difficult obstacle, as he was the sole leader of the Residence of Atreides and Albion's ideal opportunity at survival. He had to rely upon his wits and nerve to withstand the Emperor's forces. He recruited allies and planned for battle, gathering a strong army of his own to fight against the Emperor's forces. After a arduous and long battle, Adal emerged successful, and Albion was saved from Emperor Ramarg's rule. Adal's valor and resolution had saved the earth from a fierce slave driver, and he was hailed as a hero by all of Albion. Adal's heritage lives on to this day, and he is born in mind by all as a wonderful leader and defender of Albion.