Uprise v0.1.0 [WIP]

“Uprise” is an interactive venture from sci-fi genre which also has lots of individuals oriented material that’s supposed to make this game not only more joy and exciting but also more individual to the player. The most important story ensues Adal, son of Duke Winghal Atreides, and that afterwards the Duke’s death remained the foot heir to the House of Atreides. Yep, this is where you can call this type of hentai parody over”Dune” and you won’t be far from the truth. So gather up all of the tools you can, make contacts, set alliances or may be proclaim war to every person you’ll meet in this game and bring your homeland into the prosperity against all odds! And the fact that you will ultimately get the opportunity to fuck the most sexy and big-chested ladies form the original story will be excellent prize for achieving this objective! Play now »

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