Escape From The Tribe Of Amazons

An intriguing flick game where you will learn a story that happened quite a lengthy time past. The young pilot probes several islands to search outside the enemy base. He concluded the task and returns to base. However his plane crashes and for that reason the pilot crashes across the staircase. The understanding came to him which he was inside the jungle. And somebody is look him. Magnificent and shapely girls pop from the bushes. They’re utterly naked. The women directive spears in their palms on. They begin a dialog with the pilot. It seems that this is often a tribe of Amazons. They communicate the pilot into the village, and there he finds that the queen of the Amazons. She wants to kill off the pilot, however she’s brought on with his cock. She invitations the pilot into the tent and fucks him. After that, the Amazon tribe assists the pilot notice the essential materials to fix the plane. So let’s start the game at this time. Play now »