Ayames Pleasure

Ayame and Iruka are just two characters from anime series”Naruto” but you might not recall them as they’re not among the main personalities of this flash obviously yet they have some worshippers across the world. So if you happened to become one of devotees you will undoubtedly not want to miss such rare event as Ayame and Iruka having fuckfest! For everyone else this may become one simple anime porn themed game which you should try – the graphics here is nice, animation is good and the gameplay is not very hard. The notion is that while Ayame and Iruka will have fuckfest then you need to whack them in differnet areas to bring them nearer into the climax of the activity but at exactly the same time to keep an eye on enjoyment meters and then deliver them to orgasm in exactly the exact same time (if you are planning to win this game ofcourse). Play now »