Velma Gets Spooked

Hentai parody sport where you are able to combine Mystery Inc in solving another one instance aboard. This time Scooby and the group will got to Amsterdam – Gen and Sonia state they sw the terrific monsters in the deserted castle near! Sounds interesting? Then it is time to ensue the clues and place monster traps! After our men arrive at the place they have to split into classes. On of those groups will likely soon be Daphne and Velma – their venture will take the main stage inside this game. Not going to spoil the story but you very likely will want to learn that at some stage of investigation our dame will not just obtain their kinks extra large but will also set them in a fantastic use! So get ready for a lot of interactive hookup scenes using unimaginable creatures in an effort of getting out the horryfying reality! Play now »