Dream Job Week 1 Episode 1

Well, it seems that you have finally found yourself a project but don’t take such a hurry to call it a”wish job” because the outcome is going to be based on the series of chocies and conclusions and who knows – could be you may get fired even sooner then this very first day will finish! But lets sweeten up this a little bit by telling you more – in this game you will be trying yourself as a handyman in the dormitory however, you should know that this can be a female pupils dorm so your behaviour has to be extra careful. On the other side you should not miss these moments when you will be having an opportunity for some kinky funtime using some of horny stdents or among your co-workers. Attempt to locate the balance and if you do that then we will joyfully welcome you in the sequence 2 of the erotic videoquest collection! Play now »