Sex Kitten

Hentai game in which quiz meets relationship simulator! In this game you’ll found yourself in situation when unethical trader (that is hot but bossy chick by the way) in the darkened street has a job for you. You will want to”aquire” couple things from different dolls… and those items include boulder-holders, undies and socks! So now you’ll have to run around the city to see park, downtown hoses and guest rooms to meet damsels there! And the one thing you need to do is to response their own questions right. Right reaction – get yourself hot bang-out scene and one of the things that you need. Wrong response – it may be bad for your health (literraly – your health count will go down)! From school ladies to maids, from bibliophile into supersluts – you will have to go trhought these to get what you need (and a few romp scenes besides)! Play now »