Filled with Tentacle Semen

This game is not hard or lengthy to play – it is a series of interactive hentai scenes about huge-boobed redhead woman being fucked by multiple tentacles. So it is recommended that you play thi sgame just if you are a devotee of tentacles or… a fan of”Fairy Tale” anime! Taht’s correct – that this chick is other than Erza Scarlet! So if youthought she has to be drilled her fuckholes in all at once and not by some usual masculine dicks but mystical tentacles then your day has come – you can love each of the scenes for as long as you want! You will see an arrow buttons – just click on it to switch inbetween the scenes – no need to packing up pleasure pubs this time to find out how many flow sof spunk Erza can take! And do not hope for any sensible physics from this game… Play now »