Slave Lord – 1.4.1

If you’ve ever wanted to become the dark god, but haven’t taken action, this is the time to do it! After a while your crystal rectifier erected a strong army of orcs in the peaceful Erolania lands. Erolania. Then you attacked the kingdom in a rage. However, if you were just about to realize that one thing was happening. What did it mean? However, if you’d like to possess additional history, you’ll see it from the game. This game is currently in the news. Dark Lord, you’re back. You will have to be compelled once again to start all your conquests. Then you’ll want a military. A force that is more attractive than before. However, you will be able to tell the distinction between the beautiful necromancer who has a red hair, and the criminal she did in your underground dungeon. You could also just go ahead and fuck her. However, it’s still true that you simply may have to find out additional about the world and complete the quests. Let’s start the game. Play now »