Hentai game featuring Shilleka from Etrian Odyssey.

Shilleka is one quite uber-cute looking nymph from the game”Etrian Odyssey” but if you haven’t ever played this game then knowing that Shilleka is just one very nice looking woman is already enough… enough for you to want to fuck this chesty jungle woman! The texts have been in japanese terminology so that you just have to click thru them until the interactive minute when you have to discover and click on the active place on the game display (for example to set Shilleka’s big and strong tits free of her tight clothes and so on) and this way you can advance through this ordinary anime porn game. Actually it seems that Shilleka has spend too much time in the jungle alone so she won’t be enough for just one or two geysers of your jism – instead she will make you to jizz many times in many different ways! Play now »