Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.04)

There’s a excellent manace is threatening the world. But how can it be connecte with annual pokemon cosplayers conference? Well, this is something you’ll have to find out in this fresh fun and sexy game! The narrative commences with a few evil witch projecting some powerful spell and now all of the cosplayers have been possesed by her will. You as well as your fresh colleague (lovely only by the way) would be the mebers of enchanting organization whose responsibility would be to prevent these things from happening. Today you will hurry to the spot and do everything to stop the witch and help everybody else you can inwards the walls of this cursed convention center. Explore halls, meet characters, complete quests, gather prizes and ofcourse combat ultra-cute girls clothed as pokemons! Ofcourse their outfits could become strongly bruised in the process… Play now »